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The Red Coats are coming
Jeremy Kappell

The Red Coats are coming

When Paul Revere made his gallant midnight ride across the Massachusetts countryside in April of 1775, it was to inform the Patriots that our homeland was being invaded by a foreign army exclaiming “the Red Coats are coming, the Red Coats are coming”.  

That foreign army was one that was familiar to them.  Until that point, the British Red Coats had occupied parts of Eastern US and Canada for more than a century and a half as the North American Continent was gradually settled and colonized.  It was during this time that the original 13 American Colonies took shape, gained a collective identity and eventually took ownership of their unified destiny.   

Looking back at what we learned in history class, well some of us depending on your age and apparently if you went to public school or not, it is hard to imagine what life would be like living in a country that was occupied by a foreign government. But that is indeed how it all started, with American civilians going about their lives, working their fields, building their homes, businesses, schools and churches, meanwhile serving the interests of an elite class, a monarchy from the other side of an ocean.   

We see this occurring in other parts of the world, but it is difficult to imagine something like that occurring right here in America. Right?   

The Red Coats were everywhere.  British spies were on every corner.  Those serving the Royal Elites were embedded in the budding economy.  They were literally in the “fabric” of society. 

Now, where else have we seen something like this?  Hmm, seems familiar, doesn’t it?? 

It feels as if, for the first time in 245 years, Americans are observing the 4th-of-July Holiday with the realization that we are no longer free. 

In many ways, we are back to where we began with American civilians going about their lives, working, building businesses, paying taxes, supporting our schools and churches, meanwhile serving the interests of an elite class, a global monarchy whose sole purpose is to perpetualize their own wealth, power and control all at the expense of a divided Nation of a people who are supposed to be free.

In case you haven’t noticed, corrupt politicians are everywhere and at every level of government.  The judicial system is broken with bought and paid for judges serving said politicians.  Mainstream media is no longer in the business of reporting news, but instead perpetuating Leftist propaganda.  

White collar criminals are all around us, pushing progressive agendas while running many of the top companies in the US.  Big tech tyrants yield only to the “woke mob” meanwhile wielding more power than many sovereign countries do. 

All of these forces are acting against the best interest of the people of the United States of America all the while serving a Global Monarchy that ultimately seeks to completely determine the future not just for this country, but for all mankind.      

It’s time to WAKE UP AMERICA.  The Red Coats are already here. 


-Jeremy Kappell

Meteorologist, Speaker, Talk Show Host, Blogger and American Patriot

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