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"A publicly shamed, fired and canceled meteorologist chronicles his journey to New York where “The Storm” rolled in on January 6, 2019. An innocent on-air flub turned into National News after a power-hungry, race-baiting city mayor demanded the termination of his job and ultimately an end to his distinguished 20-year broadcast career.

For the Kappells, the storm would rage on through The Pandemic and afterwards when they arrived in Washington DC exactly two years later, on January 6, 2021, to fight the same tyranny that took Jeremy’s job and livelihood. Unfortunately for him, this translated into more false accusations, this time about the Capitol Riot, that even lead to a call from the FBI.

Despite terrible hardships including defamation, physical threats, emotional distress, loss of career and financial security, Jeremy and his family discovered hope instead of fear. Together they found courage in the face of adversity, strength in their weakness, and a perseverance that would be impossible without unwavering faith."

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