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Grateful for Doors
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Grateful for Doors

Day 93... Last night, I looked outside my glass door and watched the rain come down. Something so peaceful and calming about the rain, more so than usual. This week, I have been impatient, but tonight I feel calm...

I think back to my day, what changed? Was it the book I read this morning, the book that always give me peace, hope, and encouragement? Was it the students I get to see and engage with at school? Was it the text from a friend checking in? Was it my Starbuck's date whom is both a mentor and friend that truly listened, shared her wisdom, and then prayed over me? Was it the deliciousness that poured into my mouth at  Starbucks? "Oh hello coffee, my dear friend." Was it memory lane as my son and I went through pictures for his 5th grade scrapbook? Should I mention these pictures were due a little while ago (mom of the year haha)! I will also mention, as Jeremy went to pick up the pictures at the Photo Center, a sweet highschool girl working there recognized him. She refused to let him pay and preceeded to get her picture taken with him. In these sweet moments, I am reminded how God keeps showing up. He has more times than I can count! 

I notice we walk in and out of doors. Some we wish we could walk right back out of, maybe run. As I look out my front door, the uncertainty is still there. As much as I don't like it, it reminds me that I am not in control, that God is. This same door is often opened and closed repeatedly as children run in and out.  UGH! The constant closing and opening of that door can drive me crazy some days, but tonight I see the symbolism.  I ask God to open the RIGHT doors for our family, and for Him to close the WRONG ones. To make a clear path for us and direct our steps. 

As I get ready for the WxLive@945 tonight, a time that brings me such joy, I thank God for each of you. That is a door I am so very grateful God opened for us. Some of my biggest healing has been right there along with our beloved WxLive family. I don't know what the future holds, but I am grateful for the opportunities, and the doors we will walk through. 


Lisa Ray



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