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A "Double Barreled Low" Looks to Unleash 1-2 Punch for Eastern US

Jeremy Kappell 0 1741 Article rating: 4.3

It's been a while since I sat down to to a good ol' fashion weather blog. But despite all the distractions that continue to exist in the world of news and politics, I thought now was a good time to dive back into the weather universe with multiple storms on the way over the next week plus over the Eastern US with a real taste of winter for some.  

Why I'll be marching in DC on Saturday...

Jeremy Kappell 0 2480 Article rating: 4.0

While we are now all locked into the political/social/cultural ramifications of a divided, if not blatantly fraudulent, US Election that has brought even more chaos to what has already been an unbelievably chaotic 2020, relationships are literally being lost over who will be the next Commander in Chief.  So WHY are we SO divided in America right now and why I'll be marching in Washington this weekend... 

Am I a Racist?

Lisa Ray Kappell 0 1269 Article rating: 3.5

On January 6, 2019, my family became "racists" because of an accidental misspeak and a false narrative. Moving forward, I have noticed a damaging trend where so many label and make quick judgments. The year 2020, has not held back in that area..


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