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Weather Folklore: Persimmon Seeds and the Coming Winter!
Jeremy Kappell

Weather Folklore: Persimmon Seeds and the Coming Winter!

Legend has it, that persimmon seeds have the power to predict the future.  This is especially relevant this time of the year when everyone wants to know what the coming winter might bring.  

In addition to being an essential ingredient to many fall favorite recipes including persimmon pie, pudding, jam and bread, many argue that the persimmon also has the power to foretell what the coming winter will bring.  

A long time mentor and friend of mine, Meterologist John Belski, breaks down how the prediction process works.

According to the folklore after cutting the seed of a persimmon in half, you will see one of three outcomes.  You will either see a spoon, knife or fork on the inside.  

While there remains some disagreement on the meaning of each, the most popular belief is that if the seeds are in the shape of a fork, then a mild winter can be expected.  If however, the seed is in the shape of a knife, then the winter will "cut you like a knife" and bitter cold will dominate.  The third possibility, of course, is that the shape of the seed will come in the form of a spoon.  According to most, if a spoon appears, then you will be doing your share of "shoveling" and that a winter filled with lots of heavy snow can be expected.

Our friend Emily Ware Pittman shared these on our Community Support Page from Central Kentucky.  I'm not sure what you are seeing here, but I see a large share of spoons and knives.  This could mean lots of snow and cold for our friends in the Ohio Valley!  

Of course this could also just be folklore.  What are your thoughts on the predictive power of the persimmon seeds and what other signs do you look for preceding a winter season?  

Let me know your thoughts or join us for a fun discussion in tonight's edition of WxLIVEat845.

See you in a bit!

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