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The Bigger Storm
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

The Bigger Storm

My dear friends helped me create this Statue of Liberty costume... WxLive had received the highest numbers of views we have seen since "the calamity", and I LOVE to celebrate all victories, small and large. I also LOVE to CELEBRATE liberty, in general. Afterall, Freedom is a gift, given to all of us to enjoy. 

Last January, Jeremy and I opened our lives to the world. Our story became VERY PUBLIC, nationwide. As my world came tumbling down so did my privacy. As a person that considered herself to be moderately private, shy, and reserved, this new reality was uncomfortable to put it lightly. However, I realized quickly, the honor it would become as we invited ouselves onto the screens of many everynight and shared our family's hardships, burdens and grievances. Honestly it was a way of desperate healing for our family during the hardest year of our life, thus far.

Today I see a world that is hurting. I feel privileged to share with each other our burdens, brokenness, and fears together. WxLive has shifted focus lately. Although it came together as a place to support our hurting family with a little weather on the side, it has evolved into a platform that supports each other. This "BIGGER STORM" we are facing takes precedence over a sunny day (although my husband may think differently as he is running 9 miles today on a 90 degree day as promised... 90 degree day=9 miles run!). 

As long as the social media giants let us,  we will continue to do our thing. If iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17), I pray that this platform is a place where we can do just ideas, different perspectives, love one another, and make this world a better place!

As our show may be evolving, our values never have. We are the same couple that loves God, each other, family, friendships and FREEDOMS. Our founding fathers formed this country on bible centered beliefs...we, the people, take care of our families, neighbors, community and I pray WxLive is a place that would make God, foremost, and Thomas Jefferson smile.

As Memorial Day passes, I salute those soldiers that died for my freedoms! I DO NOT take my freedoms for granted. They have been taken far too easily in recent weeks.

Lisa Ray


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