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Rip the Band Aid Off!
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Rip the Band Aid Off!

As we go into Week 11 and Memorial Day, I ask that we go into this VERY LONG pause, and take a deeper look. Ready? "Ouch" it stings, but here it goes.

I learned last year, the goal of this life is not comfort, but character development. Jeremy and I have seen our share of hate and judgement in our lifetime. Last week, we experienced it all over again. I compared myself to a punching bag, and while I may be a bit bruised, I want to go deeper..what the hell I'm already bruised.. lets really rip this band aid off!

I have looked out my very window..angry at what I see. At times I have become someone I don't recognize... judgmental, resentful, bitter. Where is the grace, love, and compassion, Lisa Ray? I ache for it, I want it so badly. While I know so many angry people live in the comment section of facebook and Youtube, an angry woman lives in a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood with a beautiful family. 

We fight for our first amendment right, but MAY I NEVER forget the most IMPORTANT of all, The Greatest Commandment..  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Love your neighbor as yourself. 

I realized during this pause, I am human. I have been very tempted.. I've overate, overdrank, overyelled at my kids and spouse,  but I go to Jesus. I have felt weak, sad, scared, disturbed, angry, overweight, out of control, but I go to Jesus. I have had people that know me and those that do not.. judge me, been rude to me and my family, called me names, but I have done the same, and I go to Jesus.

This season I do not want to lose ground, but gain ground. I do not want to fall back, but move forward, I do not want to hate, but love others regardless if you vote red or blue, are a mask-wearer or not, or watch CNN or FoxNews. 

I drew a picture today. It is a picture of a cross. I can without a doubt say, while we may have many differences/opinions right now, we ALL share heavy burdens during this storm of 2020. A dear friend said our family has a great cross to bear right now. I feel it..the cross is HEAVY. But I know who is carrying it with me and my family. And He has the tightest grip of us all.

With Memorial Day closing in, I pray for us to come together and encourage and unite! I pray for those men and women who laid their lives down for you and me. I pray for the military families who are grieving. I pray for a nation that it is not just successful and prosperous, but comes to know God, above all. 

Lisa Ray


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