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Happy Anniversary??
Lisa Ray Kappell
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Happy Anniversary??

Has it been a year? Let me pinch myself. Did we actually make it out alive?

As described in our recently released short film, "Rising from Calamity", this has been the ugliest, longest, most beautiful, fastest, most confusing year of my life. I realize the battle is not over yet, but it's a good time to reflect. 

A year ago today marks the day that would forever change my family's life. I vividly remember going to bed shaking and waking up in the same conditon (that would last for weeks).  I witnessed the Mayor of Rochester, a so-called leader, attack the man I love and watch as his employer would coward down to such nonsense instead of standing up and doing the right thing. Worst yet, I recall thinking, "what kind of world have I brought my children into?" This same Mayor would later speak of having empathy and compassion. Mayor Lovely where was your empathy and compassion for my family the day you wrecklessly had my husband fired, ending his livelihood and ruining his career all while defaming his character over an honest mistake?

It is hard for me to look back on those first few weeks after the calamity.  But I know it is necessary. This might sound silly, but when Jeremy and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, we reflect on the year, review it, talk about what worked and what didn't. After 17 years, hey something is working! Haha!

Weeks after the calamity, my kids and I courageously walked into Ch.10 hand in hand. We were dressed in Wxlive gear as we wanted to personally hand-deliver Jeremy's belongings to Richard Reingold, the man who fired my husband and their Daddy. I wanted him to look into my children's eyes that day, but to no avail. We had to settle for handing it over to his secretary. Regardless, I was proud of our efforts. After Jeremy's nonsensical firing, I was most concerned for my children and our future generations. To think we lived in a world, where something like this could actually happen?? It blew my mind. But I am hear to tell you, I am grateful that my kids have got to experience the way one should stand up, "do it afraid", and make a difference in this world. "The worst thing a good person can do is NOTHING". (Theodore Roosevelt)

This thing that happened to our family was unjust and extremely scary, but as it continues to play out..I see God guiding us through a time where we felt overwhelmingly lost. He has given us so many different personalities with unlimited talents to help us along the way. I look around..these friends (aka angels on earth) have gifted me every kind of sloth memorabilia imaginable. They know the joy it brings me from watching Wxlive@845! Everything from shirts to calenders to coffee mugs to purses to candy dishes to journals to planners to socks to books to earrings!! It's adorable. And it is the small things and amazingly BIG hearts that have encouraged us to trust God and stay on this path. 

On January 15th, Jeremy and I decided to go live from facebook and continue his passion for weather. Ain't nobody stopping this man from doing what he is called to do! I am inspired by my husband everyday..he knows who he is, he knows what he stands for, and he will continue to fight for good no matter what!  I didn't realize my role at the time, but co-hosting alongside him has been an honor.  And it has been an honor to be given this social media platform to connect with some of the most wonderful people we now call family.

Last January 6 2019, God shut a door. I believe God is slowly opening a new one with WxLive, but until then I will praise him in the hallway (Stephanie Haynes). It seemed an impossible year, but God showed up and made it a year that was possible, that had hope again, a year worth celebrating! Happy Anniversary! 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)


Lisa Ray




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