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Grateful for the WAIT
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Grateful for the WAIT

Day 92.. I wait for a parking spot,  I wait for an important phone call, I wait for this fish to thaw so I can start cooking dinner... "Oh that's okay, I can put that off a little longer, haha.". Waiting, waiting, wait...

I wait for answers..I want clarity, I want justice, I want to understand, (I want the parking spot now and my kids to listen the first time, ok maybe that's pushing it haha)! ENOUGH WAITING. Some days impatience gets the best of me. I realize with waiting comes something that is hard for me. I have to give up control. Was I ever really in control?

When I get impatient, I am reminded of one of my favorite artist, Lauren Daigle. "When all I feel is Doubt? When I can't figure it out? Look Up Child." Jeremy being the amazing meteorologist that he his, couldn't predict the storm our family would face.  When days bring disappointing news, uncertainty, and challenges, it can feel cloudy.

Today I talked with my sweet friend, Jamie. As I half heartedly told her our family would get through this, she reminded me that we ARE getting through this. And she's right. Moments when I feel doubtful and hopeless, a beautiful reminder is all I need. 

Right now, times are uncertain, I feel like a juggler with 20 balls up in the air and I just want to catch ONE, hold it and never let go. I long for something, anything constant, not moving, not changing in my life. I realize, there is no ball to catch.. He has been there the whole time. When my family has moved time and time again, our scenery changed, job changed, neighbors changed, God DID NOT.  

Today, my friend captured this picture of my son right before he WON the race! Look at him..SO DETERMINED, Strong, purposeful. When I made time, I loved running. I have run a few half marathons myself. During a race I would find myself coasting along, and there before me.. a dreaded steep hill. It wears me down, I start to sweat, muscles start to ache and cramp up, but I keep going. I take it slow, pop a energy chew,  lean on a friend on the way up, but I must finish...DETERMINED, STRONG, and PURPOSEFUL. Here we are in life, climbing up that steep hill. We WILL keep going. 

Thank you to everyone that has helped us during this hilly race. We are so grateful. As we WAIT for the stormy days to pass, I will continue to praise HIM and trust HIM. There are sunny days ahead! 


Love, Lisa Ray



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