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Grateful for Hard Weeks
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Grateful for Hard Weeks

Day 74...Some weeks are harder than others. This was a hard week. But so much of this time in our life is confusing, emotionally draining, and quite honestly there are moments I feel like giving up. But as I drink my coffee today, it reads " I could give up coffee, but I'm not a quitter!" Ha! Suddle, but TRUE!

Jeremy and I will NOT GIVE UP. "If God puts a Goliath in front of you, He must believe there's a David inside of you. I believe we have a responsibility to Rochester,  our country, to the people that live in it, to NOT GIVE UP. So although people disappoint, God never does. 

As I drink my coffee, look at that brillant sunshine, and think of the week Jeremy and I have had, I will embrace the challenges ahead and confidently know we are eguipped with an all mighty defender in God. My peace lies in Him. My peace is non negotiable. 

This moment with my daughter is a gift provided by God who loves me, some nights you just need a facial with your little girl! In this moment, my children are exactly why we will perservere. Yesterday while I watched Jeremy and our close friend, Jack Allen expand WxLive@945 into WxLiveNow, it was inspiring. They passionately covered severe weather in the West and will continue to do that for areas that need coverage. They both work so hard and their innovative ways are exciting to me.

I look back at  conversations with my friends over this past week..ones from my church community group, constant support from our WxLive Family, neighbors, friends I work with at school, my tribe back in Indiana, phone calls with Mom and Sister, and I thank God that they continue to be my light in a darker time.  These relationships will help us succeed, two is always better than one. When one falls, the other lifts them up Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. I am so grateful for them all!!

Have a beautiful weekend!


Lisa Ray


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