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Grateful for Ficos
Lisa Ray Kappell
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Grateful for Ficos

Day 67...I am grateful for the courage, months ago, to go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade. It was a cold day, pretty typical in March (and most days haha). That morning, we were at Landon's basketball game. As we piled in the car after a fun victory, Jeremy asked us if we wanted to go. Honestly I was very hesitant ...I was fearful. It had only been a few weeks after the calamity, and like so many times after that event, I found myself paralyzed with fear.  

It would be our first public outing since our world came crashing down. As we pulled out of the parking lot, Jeremy and I both knew we needed to go. A good friend, Christi Joy, once said to me. "Lisa, DO IT.. AFRAID." YES!  That day I made the decision to "do it afraid" because that was where we needed to be. It was the right thing to do, scary or not. Courage has become a good friend of mine. As we stepped out and walked the streets of downtown Rochester alongside the parade, people started chanting.  "Team Kappell", "We support you", "Wx Live", "Hang in there!", "We love you".. were just a few of the beautiful words coming from the mouths of people we had never met. Wow, what a welcoming greeting for a family that needed to hear that more than ever before.

Our family held hands as we continued to walk with the parade. Police officers hugged us and shook our hands. We were greeted with such a love and warmth that we  continously see daily in this beautiful community. It was at that moment, we noticed a Beautiful Pink Front Loader and loud voice calling out, "That's Jeremy Kappell..somebody get that man!" It was Sean Fico, owner of AP Enterprises. He is one our biggest supporters and a man known in the community for his amazingly huge heart for helping others. We appreciate him and his wife Vanessa so much. We left the parade with a full heart that day.

That same night, my neighbors took me out for a much needed girl's night out. We found ourselves at Pub 235, a small pub in Webster. As I waited in line to use the bathroom, I noticed a man that looked very familiar. He had an AP Enterprises shirt on. No way!! It was Sean Fico!!  I do not believe these kind of encounters to be coincidence, but God's work at hand. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between two families.  

Weeks later, the Ficos treated us to a "Tour of the Best Restuarants in Town". It was a magical night. Truly, some of the most generous people I have met. Last night we had them over, beautiful friendships flourish around delicious food. We had a great fact Jeremy and Vanessa "Ray" started out the WxLive@945 show and it was such a fun night! Vanessa is definitley a "ray of sunshine" for our family as well as their beautiful daughter, Daniella. We are very blessed to have them as apart of our ever expanding family. Needless to say, I am very grateful I overcame my fears, and we went to that parade that day. It brought us to the Fico's and that I am grateful for!


Lisa Ray


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