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Grateful for 42
Lisa Ray Kappell
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Grateful for 42

Day 70 of a grateful heart.. I kind of wish it was Day 42  just for emphasis on what an important number this is to me. On Mother's Day, our family sat down to watch a movie. My son knows I enjoy Superhero movies so he selected 'Black Panther'. As it began to play, Chadwick Boseman, possibly my new favorite actor appeared on the screen. This reminded my son of a movie they had watched at school and he really wanted me to see it. I love baseball, I love movies based on true stories, and I love Chadwick Boseman..Yes Landon, great choice!

We went from one Superhero movie to quite possibly one of the biggest real life heroes, Jackie Robinson. What an amazing man and athlete. In 1947, Branch Rickey, manager of Brooklyn Dodgers, decided to break the color barrier of Major League Baseball when he brought Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers.  What a bold and herioc action for a time when African Americans were not to use the same bathrooms or water fountains as white people. I thank God for great leaders like Rickey who literally changed the course of history by standing up for what is morally right. It's courageous, it's bold..and IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

Jackie takes on the courageous role knowing it will lead to a major controversy. He received racial slurs and harsh treatment which included death threats to both him and his baby boy. My heart broke for a man who "had guts enough not to fight back." Robinson proved himself a gentleman and amazing athlete as he went on to win National League Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Awards during his career.

Jackie Robinson was a man that rose above and NEVER GAVE UP. He was able to prove his worth to those that despised him because of the color of  his skin. His wife, Ray who knew him best, said, "They would be ashamed of themselves if they knew who you really are." I can relate. As she held her husband's hand through a very difficult and persecuting time, I too have held Jeremy's. People that hate others when they don't know that person, I believe stems from something very painful, an insecurity within the one that hates. To judge and treat others poorly without getting to know someone's story tells me a lot about that person. This movie shows hatred toward a great man, who did nothing wrong. He just wanted to play baseball. He was damn good at it. My husband just wants to do the weather, He is damn good at it. 

Branch Rickey loved baseball, but there was something very unfair about the heart of the game he loved. He changed that. After watching the story of two courageous men, I had a whole new appreciation for both heroes. Until this past Sunday, I didn't fully know Robinson's story. Him and his family suffered, but wow!! It shows when you perservere during the hardest, grueling times, greatness will prevail!!  God built him to last, and God has built us all to last! Today I am grateful for #42, Jackie Robinson! I am very grateful my son goes to a school where he could see what took place during those times. It's up to us to love everyone equally and always stand up for what's right.  That's what we are called to do. What an inspiration!

Lisa Ray




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