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Grateful for 100
Lisa Ray Kappell
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Grateful for 100

Day 100...100 GRATEFUL POSTS!! How is it that this has been one of the hardest times in our life, but also the most BEAUTIFUL?

In past blogs, I have wrtten about brokenness, heartache, anxiety, tears...oh the tears! I have felt paralyzed at times, suffocated, literally falling down stairs (haha), scared for my family's life, my family's future. I have lost sleep, weight, energy. But OH WHAT I HAVE GAINED!

I have gained 100 things to be grateful for, 100 reasons to keep going. Beautiful friendships formed that may have never existed before, support of a Wxlive family to laugh, cry, "weathertain" with, and heal with, a community brought together in a dire situation that gave Jeremy and I hope, and a church family, friends, neighbors that loved us through it all. I have seen people use their gifts, whether with letters of encouragement, photography, meal deliveries, website design, hairdressing services, feet services, financial resources, legal advice, "marketing managing", sense of humors, wisdom, prayers, and the hugs, oh the sweet hugs!! Just this week, Nancy Eichel, a WxLive supporter, sent a very generous donation to us on HER birthday! We are so humbled by it all. You all inspire us with your kindness! You keep us going. 

This has been uncomfortable, messy no doubt. I believe we have a God that holds us even tighter in these times, He has shown His love through you. No matter how messy it gets, I trust Him to wipe it up, to carry us, and help us see what matters the most. He is our anchor through the storm. When I moved to New York, it was with purpose in mind, for God to use me. I feel more purpose, more determination then ever before!! What gratitude I have in that. 

I pray for my children everyday, I pray for their future spouses. I know my parents did the same for me and my sister. While some prayers may seem to go unanswered, that one surely did not. As I look at this picture, what a man God has given me to be my partner in life. How blessed, how grateful I am to have a husband like him. 20 years ago, I met Jeremy, we were kids. We were clueless, naive, but we knew we wanted to share this life together. As we said our "I Do's", I did not know what would be in store for us, but I was excited. I knew marrying Jeremy meant many adventures ahead. As we have now  moved to 5 different states, its been uncomfortable, but with each leap of faith, because I said "I Do" to this incredible man, I have experienced some of my best moments. The best is yet to come. 

"Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21


Lisa Ray

Photo Credit Danielle Snow Photography



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