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Detox and Direction
Lisa Ray Kappell
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Detox and Direction

Last year at this time,  I was celebrating a milestone birthday with beers and friends. This year, I am celebrating much differently. 

Of all the times in my life, I have chosen now to STOP drinking!! Yes, I am proud to say, I am DETOXING! After the last two years of chaos for our family, we openly admit to caving into the temptations that can help numb life's troubles temporarily. Food and drink have been a way to do that, but it has come with a cost. It has hindered our relationship with the One who ultimately gives peace, comfort, and love. 

Jeremy and I long for a sound mind, and to make intentional, healthier choices going forward in the new year. As if someone read our minds, a friend introduced this new way of healthy living, one that limits/purifies what we eat, drink, and think . I thought to myself, "This is either the best time to do this, or the worst, haha!" 

What it has revealed, however, is priceless. One I am finding absolutely worth CELEBRATING! During one of the craziest times in our lives, we find ourselves with a peace that only comes from up above. During a time of such high division, hatred, and anxiety, we find ourselves on our knees, not reaching for a beer or cheese (yes, cheese is a big weakness of mine)!  We have felt Him throughout our journey, He has spoken to us in ways that only He can, which has led us to making the decisions we have made. We are EXCITED!

Here's the deal, hatred and division have been around since the beginning of mankind. Although it seems louder than ever! Our family has been the brunt of so many false accusations and painful messages. It hurts. But I am no fool. The hatred did not happen over night. Satan has always tried to divide us. Satan's vices are like band aids, it can only cover up a wound, but it cannot heal it. Our healing comes from God, not Trump, not Biden, not alcohol, not food, not even CHEESE haha!

Today, I ask for us all to look within. The first 3 days of this healthkick, I DETOXED. It was intense. I removed everything from my diet, but salads and prayers. That experience reminded me of other things that need to be removed. Toxins come in many forms. Alcohol and unhealthy foods affect the body, while other toxins affect the heart and mind such as negativity, hypocrisy, hate, and complacency which reek havoc overtime. 

I ask you personally, how are you responding to your friends, your family, your neighbors who may think differently? Have you found yourself perpuating anger, judgements, accusatory statements, and labeling? I know many have, and I have been guilty of this, as well. 

At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our spiritual growth. There is no day like the present to seek Him. He offers grace, love, and forgiveness to all.. While this year, I will not celebrate my birthday with a beer in hand, I will CELEBRATE AND REJOICE God's goodness, and truth in sobriety. 



Lisa Ray

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