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Day 66 Grateful for Superheros
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 66 Grateful for Superheros

Day 66 of a Grateful Heart..Today I am grateful for superheroes. As some of you may know, I LOVE a good superhero movie. One of my favorite scenes in 'Guardians of the Galaxy', is at the very end when the Guardians unite and Groot sacrifices himself for his friends. "We are Groot." Oh my gosh, it gets me every time! 

I love superheros, it's something about that whole "good guys" prevail theme. But as it is Teacher's Appreciation Week, I know I am among real-life superheros everyday. I am very blessed to get to work at an elementary school. The day this picture was taken, Jamie, Jen, Michelle, myself and others got to wear capes and masks, but most superheros I work with walk the halls of the schools incognito. I know they wear a smile and have a heart the size of Texas. But no cape. 

I have had the pleasure of working at a school both back home in Indiana and currently in New York. After the calamity, I recieved the position as Cafeteria Aide at Dewitt Elementary. It was a very "loud time" in my life, and about to get even louder haha..we have over 500 kids come through that lunchroom everyday. I totally embraced it. It  was a loudness that came at a perfect time. It was a time to meet 500 students and get to know them, help, and make them feel safe and cared for.  I couldn't wait! 

So today I am grateful for teachers, the ones currently teaching my children and all of those that make an impact on children's lives everyday. Kids want to feel loved, nurtured, and safe. In fact, in my mission statement I wrote months ago, I described that. With God's help everyday, both at a school and at my home with my own children and their friends, I pray they leave feeling loved. I am blessed to be apart of a school, and watch the staff there display this too. 

So today I think about all my favorites..Groot, Spider Man, Iron Man, Captain America. But my real life favorites.. they are the ladies in this picture and all the teachers and  staff  that are making a difference. 


Lisa Ray (Aka Captain Kappell) haha



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