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Day 58 Grateful to Get Back Up
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 58 Grateful to Get Back Up

Day 58 of A Grateful was not one of my more graceful mornings. My usual day starts with getting the kids off to school, they are of that wonderful age where they need little assistance which means I can sip on my coffee and start blogging, one of my favorite parts of the day . After an hour, I finished my blog. I was quite pleased as I hit the "publish" button.. only to see the dreaded "ERROR" message appear on my laptop. NOOOO! My carefully written blog and hour of my life, just gone! I was ready to give up right then, but called my mom as she talked me back from the ledge haha. Let's fast forward... It gets better and I'm embarrased to say it, but as I walked downstairs to head to work, I literally FELL DOWN THE STAIRS. As I laid there assessing the damage, I started to cry, my arm hurt bad, there was blood and I am not sure if it was the pain or blood that made me feel light headed.  I literally crawled back upstairs to Jeremy. What a pitiful sight.   

As Jeremy consoled me, he helped me get back on my feet. Why am I telling you this story? Because I wanted to lie there, call into work, and give up on the day that appeared to be out to get me. But I prayed, got up (with the help of my hubby), wiped away the tears, and got my butt to work. 

I was reminded of my beautiful message from Oma Louise Wilson that I recieved yesterday, "Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. I see you and Jeremy working so diligently to overcome "the calalmity" and with God's help I am sure you will." I thought to myself, wow! Life is definitely interesing these days, and small victories are celebrated in the Kappell household, for sure. 

As I limped into school, I knew I had more challenges awaiting me, working with children is a blessing, but it comes with many challenges. When I walked into the cafeteria, a young boy ran up to me and handed me a masterpiece he had been working on, one that he proudly handed me and said he had made it for me. This child had no idea the impact he made on a lady that was about to give up just minutes earlier. Then I walked over to my dear friend and coworker, Jamie Sullivan. She has been a breath of fresh air since I started working at the school. When I see her, I know everything is going to be okay. She has a way about her that makes people feel loved and cared for. These children and myself are blessed to get to be with her everyday. 

I really believe when you fall, you pick yourself back up, with the help of others of course.. the people that God puts in your path to help you get back up. So today I will not give up, write another blog, and face the day. Today I am grateful for my mom, my husband, Jamie, and the children that picked me up today. Thank you!


Lisa Ray

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