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Day 56 Grateful for Thorns
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 56 Grateful for Thorns

Day 56 of a Grateful Heart...Let's be honest, some days are harder than others. Yesterday, my poor, sweet daughter coughed most of the night keeping us both awake. Unfortunately only a few hours of sleep, do not look good on me. Impressively enough I was able to keep it together through most of the day, even prepared a pretty satisfactory dinner for the fam..salmon and broccoli..healthy too.. score! 

But as the day piled on, so did the challenges. I forced my way upstairs for my nightly shower, to wash the day off which usually leaves me feeling invigorated, but last night I couldn't breathe..I was suffocating from a weight that felt too heavy to bear..In that moment, I did what only I know to do ..I called out to my God, my comforter.

I had posted an article from meteorologist Tom Moore titled, "Should a Misspeak or Awkward Response on TV Derail an Entire Career?" One day, I hope to write my story, a wife's perspective. I watched one of the hardest working men, my husband, my best friend, lose his job because of a lack of compassion, grace, and understanding. A false accusation that destroyed Jeremy's career and livelihood that he had worked extremely hard for. I got angry and hurt all over again.

Remembering back, I feared for my children's lives as my whole family was being called racist by some. It was terrifying and hurtful and wrong.  This kind of a hurt, will remain a scar in my life, my children's lives and Jeremy's forever. All because one person on social media judged our family over stumbled words, this person thought they knew us, and judged us immediately. They shall remain nameless, I know they have a family. 

As I got dressed, I placed a sweater over my head and something poked me. What in the world, "ouch!". As I removed the tiny, sharp object from my sweater, it appeared to be a thorn. I looked up as I often do and nodded. "Yes God, the calamity is my thorn..and it is because of this thorn, I go to you."  It can be hard to say at times, especially sleep deprived ones, but this thorn is a blessing, it brings me closer to God everyday.  

As I put my mascara on to get ready for Wxlive@945, the door bell rang. Our special guest, Antoine Evans, had arrived. His presence fills the house, a man that exudes God's love. He goes to NorthRidge Church and volunteers at Open Door Missions Homeless Shelter almost every Tuesday night, a mission that Jeremy and I hold dear to our hearts. He has impacted a lot of people, including our family.

 I met Antoine days after the calamity, as my community group and Antoine worked alongside each other to make over 100 sack lunches for the homeless, it was a beautiful experience. Last night as he sat in our living room, he shared his testimony. After months of living out of his car, he got hit by one! An actual CAR! I find it truly amazing how in the lowest, darkest times, guess who is right there waiting for us?  Antoine gave his life to Jesus and has been following him ever since. Sometimes it takes a car, some sort of tragic event.. but He will be there with open arms.

Antoine has recently wrote a book called "Decieved From Within" and it can be purchased on Amazon. I can't wait to read it. As he entered our home last night, his shirt read, "Know Jesus, know Peace." Well there Antoine goes again, impacting my family, giving me a clear sign, that God has this, "Just have faith, daughter". 


Lisa Ray


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