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Day 55 Grateful for Mondays
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 55 Grateful for Mondays

Hello Monday! We meet again.  My friend at work and I were joking on Friday how in 2.2 seconds, the weekend would be over and we'd find ourselves right back at work. Poor, Poor Monday... It gets a bad rap, but WHAT IF we were grateful for Monday?  Do I dare suggest such a thing? I might even get a few ugly looks haha...

Let's pretend for a second... it meant a new day, hopefully the first day after a restful weekend, a day to reflect on a weekend that brought joy in some way, whether big or small,  a new start to a work week, that can bring the opportunity to give your VERY best work. As I watch my kids get on the bus, isn't that what I want for them? Jeremy and I intentionally parent our children to give their best, they have a choice to make each day to have a good or bad attitude, and to put in the effort. I woke up today, groggy because I knew it was Monday. As I walked down the stairs to greet my kids, my ever-growing list was getting bigger by the second. I started to get overwhelmed and wanted to head right back to bed.

But as a mom, it is important to set a good example to my children. But there sat my daughter, just as happy as could be that it was Monday! What and Why haha?? She had already made herself breakfast, was completely dressed and ready to go, and had started reading a book she got at the library. All before 7:30 am, "You go girl!".  My 8 year old daughter had just become my inspiration as she often is. Her shirt reads, "Be the Sunshine". "Sweet baby girl, you are."

So today I am grateful for Monday. It's s a new work week, and that means new opportunities to give your best. Lets go out there and give it our all. 



Lisa Ray


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