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Day 54 Grateful for Easter EVERYDAY
Lisa Ray Kappell
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Day 54 Grateful for Easter EVERYDAY

Is it just me or does anyone else think having Easter everyday sounds like a great idea? Personally I love the idea of indulging in Cadbury Eggs and Chocolate Easter bunnies year round Haha! But in all seriousness, it is a great reminder each day to show grace and love and an endless amount of HOPE. As my family entered church today, my dear friends, Diane Sturmer and Kim Richar told me their community group had something special for our family. As we sat and listened to the sermon prior to what awaited us, our pastor Drew spoke of the dangers of pride, how it can manifest someone into the "Opinion Giver", the "One-Upper", the "Entitled", or the "Critic". As I sat there, I got real guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty! 

But then there is the loving example of  people like Diane and Kim. After the calamity, their community group at Northridge Church adopted our family. See our family is not from this area, we uprooted just a little over a year ago to Western New York. And oh my goodness! Have we been adoped by God's BEST. I call Kim "my Rochester Mom". Today as Drew wrapped things up, he talked about is the antidote to pride.. In a world of Selfies and More and More and More about Less? Less of me, more of Him! More of putting others first and self last.

As it was time to leave, our church family surrounded us and indulged our family with Easter baskets filled with LOVE. It's the sweetest thing to experience, we have seen it time and time again with our church family. The generosity, the serving of a family in need. Today I am grateful for the people that show God's everlasting love and for Easter today, tomorrow, always. 



Lisa Ray

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