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Day 52 Grateful for Celebrations and Headaches
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 52 Grateful for Celebrations and Headaches

Day 52 of a Grateful Heart...WOOOOWWWW. What a night last night as our Wxlive family gathered under one roof. The alarm came a little early for me today as it was a late night of celebrating. My head just ached as I walked downstairs to get my pot of coffee brewing. I thought to myself..this headache is EXACTLY what I am grateful for today! I'm not sure what was in that delicious "Lisa Ray drink" I had last night, I have close connections with the bartender..haha..I'll ask him later. But I knew in all honesty, that headache came from the overwhelmingness of a BEAUTIFUL night that I will never forget. 

I had been dreaming of that night for for over 3 months now (I didn't know that at the time), but I had. I have been needing to make sense of Jeremy and my new reality since "the calamity". I see little bits of the puzzle pieces daily, but last night was not a corner piece of that puzzle, but you know one of the REALLY important smack in the middle puzzle pieces you've been desperately looking for. I looked around this beautiful room provided by Pane Vino on the Avenue, and there before me was Jeremy and my HUGE puzzle piece... These BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Watching our WxLive family pour in, talk, eat, and enjoy each other, it was clear that this is what it is all about. People coming together, supporting each other, learning about each other, and encouraging one another.  I know God has a bigger plan..and it unfolds a little each day...I thank Him that he knows what the FINISHED puzzle looks like.  The Calamity allowed beautiful connections among people to happen that may have never happened. As someone that values relationships more than anything, my heart sang out last night. 

SO today as I sip my coffee, reflect, take some ibuprofen for the pain of a headache that in retrospect brings me such joy, I will savor this moment. My friend Mary Perry, that I got to meet and had the true pleasure of putting my arms around last night, gave me a beautiful card and bracelet. The card read, "this time in your life isn't easy, but you're walking through it with such a clear reflection of God's grace. Still there must be days that are harder then others, God's strenghth will be there to give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED". Well, doesn't that just sum it up right there? God has and will continue to give us EVERYTHING we need. He certainly did last night. Thank you friends for coming out last night. Let's do it again real soon!

Love, Lisa Ray


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