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Day 49 Grateful for Nieces and Pop Stars Named Pink
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 49 Grateful for Nieces and Pop Stars Named Pink


Day 49 of a Grateful Heart ..I am grateful for this amazing young lady, my niece, Morganne. It's her birthday today. She is a real blessing in my life. Her quick wit and humor is a gift to all of us.  Her love for her family and friends is abounding and she would do anything for any of us. She is full of passion..especially her passion for the Pop Star, Pink haha.

We always joke about this. See I got the chance to meet Pink, WAY BACK IN THE DAY. Like when Pink REALLY had PINK hair. I had the pleasure of going to one of her first concerts, (ya know way before "Get the Party Started" was even a thought), So in essence Pink and I did get the party started as I quite literally got to party it up later that night with her and the crew. (I'm pretty sure she wrote that song in honor of our wild night, just saying) I love to mention, I also had breakfast with her that next morning! Obviously this dates back to my wilder days. So while some Aunts always have gum, I like to rub it in, that I had waffles with the very hip and cool, Pink. We laugh all the time about it. And again, isn't it those small, fun moments we joke about, that make up all the big ones? 

One day, Morganne... Pink and me! #Goals. Til mean so much to me and our family. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, my sweet niece.  


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