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Day 31 Grateful for New Beginnings
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 31 Grateful for New Beginnings

Day 31 of a Grateful community group we share fun icebreakers each week. Last night, we went around our group and told of one thing we are most excited about for Spring. So many happy thoughts raced through my mind.. Spring break, helping in the garden, flowers blooming, grilling out, JUST BEING OUTSIDE again haha, but the one that I look forward to the most is New Beginnings. I am grateful for this time in my life. It's exciting. I certainly didn't see our life playing out the way it has. Knowing that it is not for me to understand, that God knows the bigger picture, and that He has a great plan for us is all I need. I am writing again..that fills my heart, and I get to work alongside Jeremy and my beautiful children everyday.


I see inspirations all around me, true miracles that are revealed daily to our family. I have noticed with miracles, sometimes it is just a matter of opening your eyes.  We can be blinded by a world that might appear to be ugly, but I see beauty all around me. OPEN your eyes. I know I have a faithful God and to fully trust in Him, my chains have been broken. There is a peace and joy in letting Him lead the way.❤

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