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Day 27 Grateful for Coffee and A New Day
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 27 Grateful for Coffee and A New Day

Day 27 of a Grateful Heart...I am dragging today, anyone else? Our April fool's day joke on my son totally backfired this morning and he had me up a FULL HOUR before I had to get up, haha (I guess the jokes on me). As I got out of bed, negative thoughts poured in my head..need sleep, need a vacation, need help, and really, snow in April?!..I had to instead I started my day with a prayer, and did not let my negative thoughts take over. I GET to get up another day and make the most of it, that's a beautuful choice I GET to make everyday.   

Each day is a New Day.  I recognize this week like so many WORE ME OUT, and quite honestly my regular late night binge of "The Office" wasn't helping my spirits. But this, right here, God's Word, ALWAYS does. Every morning, a new day presents itself and I can start it off by getting the guidance of my loving Father. It helps me, in a time, where I can feel lost and confused, get centered again. I am always in awe by His endless grace and mercy. So today I am grateful to be refueled each morning, and do it all over again for the ones I love. When I really love people the way God intended, I should feel good about going to bed exhausted. So I will pour a cup of coffee, maybe 3 more ..and enjoy this day.

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