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Day 22 Grateful for Jessica Kappell Batman
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 22 Grateful for Jessica Kappell Batman

Day 22 of a Grateful Heart..I am grateful for my gorgeous sister in law, Jessica Kappell! During this time, she has done everything she can do to support #TeamKappell. She started the petition for us, a Go Fund Me Donation Page, started our WxLive Gear line, and has called daily with love and support. Jeremy and I appreciate her so much that we promoted her to "TeamKappell Marketing Manager" haha! Jeremy and I don't know what we would have done without her during this treacherous time. 

One of my biggest mentors, Rick Warren writes, "that real friends bring out the best in each other. They encourage and motivate one another to reach their goals. Friends who will cheer you on to success are a critical part of fulfilling your purpose in life". Jessica has done just that. Jeremy is so blessed to get to call her sister, and God blessed me with three twin sister and Jeremy's two amazing sisters. I won the jackpot the day I met Jeremy. 

An old Zambian proverb reads, “When you run alone, you run fast. But when you run together, you run far.” I am learning that the Christian life is not a sprint, but a marathon. Run the race strong, alongside the people who cheer you on and encourage you to be better people. 


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