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Lisa Ray Kappell
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Three years ago today, it was Jeremy and my 15th Anniversary. It was also the day that would change our lives forever..

At the time, we lived in Georgetown, Indiana. I was a Teacher's Assistant at Landon and Ashlynn's elemantary school, and Jeremy was a Meteorologist at a local news station. Some of our best memories were made there as we lived close to family and friends. 

It was 3 years ago today, that an "OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME" came our way. WHEC recruited Jeremy as Chief Meteorologist in August of 2017. As the station flew both Jeremy and myself up to explore the city, it didn't take much convincing. We fell in love. Jeremy's relenting long hours at the office, dedication and hard work had paid off!  I gave him my blessing and we couldnt wait to see what these Rochester winters were all about haha. 

I am going to try and remain I sit here and look back, it has not been an easy chapter (and I don't mean the winters :). In fact, some parts I wouldn't give a nickel to relive, but WOW I wouldn't trade for a million bucks. 

It's been a chapter that brought tears, darkness, and suffering. 

It's been a chapter of hurt, shame, and attacks. 

It's been a chapter of pandemic, sadness, and mourning.  

It's been a chapter of loss of  our livelihood, our house, our lawsuit, our reputation, our trust in political and judicial system, trust in public schools, and trust in government.

It's been a chapter where I discovered...

 I didn't NEED any of those things! 

What I need is exactly what is before me..

As Jeremy and I celebrate our 18th Anniversary, we are celebrating a life that is SET FREE. 

This chapter brought me EVERYTHING I DO NEED! 

It brought LOVE. WOW..we are unbelieveably rich in LOVE. 

As we have been rebuilding our life, it has been so exciting watching God take the lead. Wxlive is one of the most precious gifts God has given us during this chapter. It was our saving grace and healing as we opened our home to those who have become family to us. We are forever grateful. 

One of the best parts (or worst depending on the day haha), I have gotten to work alongside Jeremy. As we celebrate today and many anniversaries to come, I am so GRATEFUL for our ABSOLUTELY IMPERFECT marriage. It has been during this chapter, that two broken people desperately went running after God. And He has graciously been putting the pieces back together. 

I AM EXCITED. We learned during this chapter, we live in a world that wants to cancel..

Good news for Jeremy, myself, my kids, and YOU...

We can give our heart to the One who DOES NOT CANCEL. He loves us all no matter what, completely and utterly broken. He makes us WHOLE. 


Lisa Ray

Happy Anniversary Hon, my lifetime partner, my best friend, the father of my children, my co anchor, my chef, my good looking jar of ...hahahaha :). 

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