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17 Years Ago Today - The Best Decision of My Life
Jeremy Kappell
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17 Years Ago Today - The Best Decision of My Life

I remember when I knew that she was the one.  Lisa and I had been dating for a couple of years and I had moved away to pursue my career in broadcast meteorology.  I was working for the NBC affiliate out of Abilene Texas at the time and had been away from home, and Lisa for about a year when 9/11 happened.  As most Americans, I was in complete shock and horror as I watched the events unfold on that fateful Tuesday morning.  

While I was surrounded by my new tv colleagues and friends who readily comforted and consoled each other, I felt alone.  I felt completely and utterly alone.  At the time, I was about 14 hours away from my family, my Indiana home and the love of my life.  I knew the moment after the second plane struck the South Tower that some things were more important than others.  I knew that I didn't want to do this television career alone.  I knew that I needed Lisa in my life for all the moments, both big and small.

A little under a year later, on August 17th, 2002, she said YES!

Since that day, our life has been an absolute whirlwind taking us from Texas to Jackson Mississippi, from Jackson to Louisville Kentucky, from Louisville to Topeka Kansas, from Topeka back to Louisville and of course more recently, from Louisville to Rochester New York.


It comes with quite a bit of irony that station management, at the time, brought Lisa and I up to interview for the job exactly two years ago.  It was also exactly two years ago today, August 17th 2017, that Lisa and I agreed that Rochester would be the next chapter of our lives together.  The photograph below, from Niagara Falls, was from that day.  My first time at the falls btw.  

Since 2002, we've made countless memories along the way, many very good and some very bad.  What a blessing it has been to get to explore the different parts of the country while making many friends along the way.  We both left family and also started a family of our own.  While we've enjoyed our share of the good times, it hasn't been easy.  It has been very difficult spending so much of that time away from loved ones, especially during this current, seemingly endless trial, we refer to as THE CALAMITY

Now there are days when I wake up and I just don't know what God wants me to do.  The Calamity has brought an endless amount of open ended questions into my life and the life of our family.  Questions like what do we do now?  How do I provide for this household?  What is our purpose in Rochester now?  How do I spend my time?  With whom do I spend my time?  Now that my television days are over, what will be my next career?  What are my next steps?  What is the best way forward for this family?  How do I fulfill God's plan for us??

My faith tells me that, with patience, these questions will be answered in time and the decisions we have to make will become clear as we move forward.  In the meantime, I'm just glad for the time that I have with this lady, this family and the decision we made 17 years ago.  Regardless of what happens next, because of her, I'm a blessed man.

Here's to our next 17 and, God willing, better times ahead!

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