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We are a BURDEN to Society!
Lisa Ray Kappell
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We are a BURDEN to Society!

Yesterday, I took my children to the pediatrician for their physicals. Health is a priority for our family as we have dedicated 2021 to better eating habits, more activity and focus on our faith. Anyone who has been sick knows the gratitude that follows as you become well again. We left the doctor's office GRATEFUL as the kids were delivered a clean bill of health,  both physically and mentally. In fact, Landon is 5'10" at 13 years old!! Watch out Jeremy..the kid is going have you beat anyday, haha.

I understand the word on the street..the narrative of politicians, mainstream media, some doctors as they SCREAM "DO YOUR PART!" It's been our public health announcement DAILY for OVER A YEAR NOW! My pediatrician went as far as telling me the vaccine is recommended for children, not because they are of high risk or superspreaders, but to DO THEIR PART!  IN WHAT, I ASK?? 

I understand, as I later went maskless to several retail corporations that same day, I have become like the albatross around the neck of so many, a burden to society..we are looked upon as IMPEDING progress ..HOW will this VIRUS EVER GO AWAY WITH PEOPLE LIKE ME??? 

Well's a virus. It's here to stay. 
It is also vital to highlight that more than 99% of those who contract the virus will fully recover.

Did you know ten years ago, COVID-19 would not have qualified as a pandemic?? In fact, not even close. (
By the time the so-called “pandemic” is over, if it is ever permitted to be over, we could be utterly reliant on government, instead of being free, prosperous, and independent.

The media should be made up of the most thorough, discerning, and investigative people in our society. Instead, many of them seem to be serving an ideological agenda. Now more than ever, it is vital that we should exercise discernment when listening to the mainstream media.

After a year, we know enough to understand the implications. Unless you have a N95 fully fitted mask, Dr. Fauci said it himself, masks are ineffective. Last year, I understand why they were encouraged, but I believe they never should have been mandated. 

 At this point, my family feels it is our moral responsibility to disobey unjust mandates. Politicians and media have an agenda. ‘Leave them; they are blind guides.  If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit’” (Matthew 15:12 & 14)."Obey God, not man.” (See Acts 5:29.) I believe masks are part of the bigger problem, which is loss of liberites via government control.

Masks can cause our society much harm.  It takes away our humanity and connectedness to others. While my daughter and I were at Aldi's, Ashlynn looked up at me and said, "Mommy I feel like we are in the Zombie Apocalypse." Astute but sad observation made by my 10 year old daughter. People wondering around, avoiding interaction at all cost. There is not much smiling, eye contact, conversing. Maybe you have noticed as well? 

As I took the kids to the doctor, I was so fortunate to know their mental health is good. This does not hold true FOR SO MANY as self harm and suicides are rising at an alarming rate.  I believe the biggest victims in all of this are children. The way we have responded to this virus is detrimental to our children's mental health. What will we do when the next virus arrives?  Lockdowns and school closings have been extremely damaging to our children's future and to what cost?? 

If you choose to continue to wear the mask after a year, you have the freedom to do so and I respect that.  I will kindly smile your way. :)

Love to all, 
Lisa Ray


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