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Jeremy Kappell

Asbury Revival & God's Movement

Just two weeks after my Deliverance Trip to meet Pastor Greg Locke at Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Jolliet TN, I felt led by the Spirit to make the trip to Wilmore KY to witness the Historic Revival that was taking place at Asbury University.

It was truly a remarkable sight to see SO MANY who had gathered from ALL OVER to experience the presence of the Lord. While many, like myself, were not able to enter the Chapel, Hughs Auditorium, where it all myraculously started nearly two weeks ago now, the feeling of being apart of something truly remarkable was all around us.

While videoboards had been erected showing a live stream from inside the chapel, worship, prayer and fellowship in Christ was spontaneously erupting all over campus. It was a beautiful sight to see and I personally got to witness to two separate couples as I was both witnessed to and prayed over multiple times during my four-hour wait in line.

Meanwhile, the University had partnered with the Salvation Army to provide food, water, heat and portable restrooms for anyone who was in need. At the same time, multiple other Chapels had their doors open for anyone who needed prayer or a dedicated place of worship. It was beautiful.

Ultimately, while I didn't get the opportunity to enter the auditorium where it all started more than a week and a half ago, I occupied a space where the Revival had spread to, and as I write this entry, I am occupying a space in the online-world where it continues to spread to this day.

While the town of Wilmore KY and the University have decided to bring the Asbury Revival to a close later this week, something tells me this is just the beginning of a much larger movement.

A movement being led by our youth who are making a bold declaration against the ills of woke culture which currently grips America.

A movement that recognizes our Christian foundation as a nation and one that also recognizes the intense spiritual nature of the issues we face today.

A movement that cries out to God with a spirit of humility, praise, repentance, and a thirst for righteousness.

A movement that believes in the promises of God and are willing to seek Him above all else.

God Bless the students of Asbury. May God bless ALL His people.

"Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matthew 5:6


-Jeremy Kappell

Meteorologist, Speaker, Talk Show Host, Blogger and American Patriot

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