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Day 21 Grateful for Sloths
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 21 Grateful for Sloths

Day 21 of a Grateful Heart...I am grateful for sloths. In fact so much, I had to go out this morning and bring one home! My cat, Hunter loves him! (Haha I'm totally kidding..Jeremy would be so creeped out). If you watched the show last night, you all know how much I enjoy sloths and am very grateful for them, for a couple reasons. First of all, they always appear to be smiling. Let me tell you what brings a smile to my face, I get the privilege of working next to my husband every night on WXLive@945. We work hard, but we love that we get to work together.

After posting this, days later, my friend, Erin, gave me a gift. She said she felt called to get it for me. As I opened it, there it was..a Sloth Journal! I didn't know if she was aware, but I have been writing in a journal since "The Incident", and it has been filling up rapidly.. so much that I was in dire need of a journal. How appropriate.. that was the very gift God was calling her to give me! Coincidence, I think not. So yes, I am so grateful for sloths because they bring silliness and smiles to my day, and who doesn't need that in their lives.. everyday 😂😊❤ 

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