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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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From Chaos and Disruption to Correction and New Direction

Jeremy and I had no idea where Wxlive would lead after his firing in early 2019.

Looking back, I believe there was a DIVINE DISRUPTION that happened January 6th, 2019, one that really got our family's attention in a BIG WAY! 

With lots of hard work and sacrifice, we had built a life in a nice suburb in Webster, New York. Like a warm blanket, it was ripped off in a matter of seconds to reveal the BITTER COLD, harsh reality of twisted narratives, quick judgements, and cancellations of human beings. JEREMY AND I WERE AWAKE, disrupted, and completely vulnerable to a new way of life..(whether we wanted it at the time or not.)

Two years later, I AM EXCITED about this new mission.."No, let's call it what it really is..this new assignment. Life as Jeremy and I knew it was OVER. It was time to follow the assignment God had given us all along, while both EXHILERATING and TERRIFYING. 

While Jeremy spent the better portion of 20 years avoiding politics, it didn't matter, ironically a politician cancelled his hard-earned career. Wxlive was a way to get Jeremy back up talking about his passion that had made our family a living for the last two decades.  To this day, we are so very grateful for the encouragement and support we have received along the way.  We took it a day at a time, not knowing where life would lead, but trusting God's plan was better then our own.

When the pandemic hit, our Wxlive business took a big hit too. Most of our local sponsors were unable to renew because like us, small businesses took such a brunt.  At that point we had no choice but to sell our home, Jeremy's stepdad and more recently grandpa passed away, both lawsuits got dismissed, and we transitioned from public school to homeschooling. It was quite a difficult time for our family, but we continuted to trust God knowing He is always faithful.

Our viewership started to dwindle while only providing "weathertainment". We knew so many had an appetite for something more and so did we. God put something in our hearts.  We decided at a pivotal time last year to start talking about what was most important, knowing there was a much bigger storm brewing nationally and globally. 

We felt the need to report that which is not available on mainstream media, and somewhat counter-cultural, but very important to our beliefs and the foundations of this country. We became focused on those that were oppressed and struggling. While politicians and media scared so many about Covid 19, "all in the name of safety"..Jeremy and I had a choice to make.  What about those suffering due to the response? Small businesses permanently closing, elderly residents in nursing homes dying of lonely hearts, kids unable to go to school, mail-in ballot voting, conformity to comply, hypocrisy, double standards, and inconsistencies.. THAT IS NOT SAFE..THAT IS NOT HEALTHY..plain and simple.

Wxlive has turned into a beautiful platform that has brought so many together all while sharing faith, weather, news, political opinion, open and honest debates, and my personal favs..cowbells and good laughs. This journey has brought a lot of ups and downs, but God continues to lift us up through people, prayer and scripture. While it's been a huge blessing to be able to freely share and interact with our community, our savings has taken a huge hit the last couple of years and if we are going to be able to persist with our current endeavors, we are going to need to monetize this service to pay the bills. Please consider subscribing for Wxlive material through patreon at

As we laid Jeremy's grandpa to rest last week and celebrated his 93 years of life, I was reminded of how precious and short life is. Live it with purpose, live it well, live it intentionally. On my death bed, I do not want to regret that I said "No" to God..I know He has a better plan if we just say "YES" to Him. Franklin Graham says it best, "The Bible has much to say about the brevity of life and the necessity of preparing for eternity. Only when a person is prepared to die is he or she also prepared to live.” 

God disrupted our life on January 6th to prepare us to LIVE, set us FREE to God's mission, not our own selfish desires and worldly demands. While it may not always be convenient, popular, or comfortable,  I'll take the adventure anyday.


Lisa Ray

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