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Grateful To Shine
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Grateful To Shine

Day 88..My home has been invaded!! lots of little people..and I love it. I have happily moved my "office" to the back deck where I can write, enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and listen to their laughter fill my house. 

When we moved to New York, I wanted more than anything to fill this house up with loved ones we would meet along the way. Today, I am blessed.. my children and their friends fill this house and my heart. As I blog I see that I accidently grabbed my daughter's notebook to jot down notes. As I flip through, I see a beautiful page created by the one and only Ashlynn "Ray" of's covered with hearts and stars and written in BIG fun bubble letters .."DREAM BIG".  "Yes, Baby girl, Fly!"

When I became a mom, I DREAMT BIG for my kids. I remember years ago someone asking me, "What do you want most for your children?" I'll be honest, my initial response was for them to be happy, but then I really starting to think about that as they grew. As I got older, my wants, my dreams for my children changed. 

Every morning, as I watch them gather at the bus stop with our wonderful neighbor kids, I pray for all of them. I pray for their safety at school, to make good choices, lead in a loving way, and to be a blessing to others. (side note: I also pray that my children meet wonderful God loving future spouses..Landon would probably make pukey faces at me, haha, but one day he may thank me!)  

Happiness is a wonderful thought, but more than anything I want them to know Jesus, and shine bright for Him. We live in a world that is defined by success, accomplishments, big houses, and shiny cars. I appreciate all those things, and hard work is something we value and teach our children, but they will not find true happiness in those things. I vividly remember as a child, anytime I was having an unhappy moment, my mom would tell me to go help someone. Take the focus off myself and go love on someone.  SHINE even when I was not feeling very shiny! Wow..Unhappiness can turn to joy in an instant. 

In a world of selfies, I want my children to take "us-ies". I want to teach them that instead of trying to make themselves happy, make someone ELSE happy.  Yesterday, Ashlynn came home with a certificate. It was an award to honor her consistently exhibiting CARE behaviors while inspiring others to do the same. I was beaming. Today as my family went to pick out plants for the vegatable garden, there was a chill in the air. My daughter noticed I was cold and took off her jacket and wrapped it around my goosebumped arms. "When you can be anything in this world, Be Kind."

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Lisa Ray

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Snow Photography

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