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God's Goodness and the Fight for Justice!
Jeremy Kappell

God's Goodness and the Fight for Justice!

As you can imagine, the last two and a half years has been an incredibly trying experience for myself and my family. It baffles the mind to think of the events that led to my firing from News10WHEC and then the aftermath that includes online defamation, a financial crises, the loss of a 20 year career, the selling of our home, uprooting of our family and more recently, the loss of an expensive 2 ½ year legal battle.

Not to mention, the personal struggles that we have endured along the way. The anxiety and depression that has accompanied the loss of income, career and direction.  The online threats, the constant trolling and the personal attacks by those who know nothing about us.

All of these injustices were supposed to go away at some point. I honestly thought there was NO WAY our cases wouldn’t be heard.  That all changed on March 20, 2020 when Supreme Court Justice William Taylor, on the same day that America went on Coronavirus Lockdown, he dismissed both lawsuits with prejudice.

That decision was almost as stunning as the one the station made after the Mayor demanded my firing. I thought there is no way, but despite apparent odds, everything went the other way.

Now fast forward to the decision handed down by the New York Appellate Court. I thought for sure, after ALL THE SCANDALS, the FOUR FELONY CHARGES against the Mayor, the child endangerment, the drug trafficking by her husband and the general mess she left for the City of Rochester, I thought for sure, the court would by reasonable and allow our case to be heard. Nope. Wrong again! Turns out they are still covering for her, so strike three and we are out.

This all hit home real fast this weekend. As I described in a blog on Friday, this all seems to come at odds with EVERYTHING we know to be true and good. I found myself asking God WHY? Why would he allow this injustice to continue and what was the point of the last two and a half years?

I initially thought of the struggles of Job in the Bible. Then I remembered the moral of that story. Job never lost faith. Despite the loss of EVERYTHING, he never gave up on God.

Now reflecting on our own situation, we take heart knowing it is NOT NEARLY as dire as what Job faced. In fact, what he endured makes our plight seem like a Sunday drive. So what can I be that upset about? It’s not like we ever had a lot of trust in the political and legal system. The outcome, while VERY disappointing, it’s not like God let us down. It’s not like the people let us down. Fact is, it’s the system that let us down and we know that THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN.

Fact is, Lisa and I did everything in our power to turn the injustice that occurred to us, into something good. We fought the good fight and we paid a very high price. While the temptation is for us to hang our heads in defeat, and allow fear and anxiety to control our outlook, we can’t do that.

As people of Faith, we have to keep up HIS work. In this UPSIDE DOWN WORLD that we are living in, it would be easy to look around and see all doom and gloom. It would be very easy for us to turn negative with our attitudes and become pessimistic at life in general. But we just can’t do that.

God has shown us HIS GOODNESS during this journey. No it didn’t come in terms of a financial windfall or a legal victory. But it did come in terms of HIS PEOPLE who spoke out. Who wrote letters, who made phone calls on our behalf, who reached out and embraced us during our time of need.

They signed petitions, they donated to a GoFundMe, they showed up to meet and greets, they joined Team Kappell and they supported us through Patreon. We can’t be thankful enough. While we didn’t deserve what happened to us. We also didn’t deserve the OVERWHELMING GRACE AND KINDNESS of HIS PEOPLE.

Fact is our fight didn’t end with the court’s decision. Lisa and I are proud to continue to represent you and every other God fearing, truth-loving patriot in our battle against Cancel Culture, Wokism and injustice.

MLK famously said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “To forgive and accept injustice is cowardice.”

Jesus in Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”


-Jeremy Kappell

Meteorologist, Speaker, Talk Show Host, Blogger and American Patriot

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