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Lisa Ray Kappell
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Today, it is finished. The fight is over.

This world is cruel, unjust, unkind.

We have been bullied, mocked, backstabbed..



Our society is rude, mean, reactionary and cancel culture is very real. Just ask our children, if you don't believe us.

Mayor Lovely, Richard Reingold,  Rachel Barnhart, Judge Taylor dismissed my family, my team, and my children's innocent lives.

"Well Bullies.. you have been DISMISSED. Not Cancelled, but DISMISSED".


Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. As a sociologist, I see it all the time.

In your lowest valley, a bully knows just when to add salt to an open wound. 

My family fought back and while we placed a band aid on the cruelty of our situation,  that scar grew deep.

It will never go away; the scars are here forever, 'death til we part' they say.........

We have lost the battle with politicians, media pundits, fellow peers, a few neighbors and currupt judicial systems.


They do not matter anymore.

They do not control our family's outcome.

My Captain, my Commander in Chief never stopped fighting for us.

Let me tell you about my healer...

His name is Messiah.

He goes by the sweet name of Jesus.

He returns as King.

My family's pain is our legacy.

Today and everyday Jesus fights for us. 


Yours Truly,

Lisa Marie


Romans 8:28




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