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Day 51 Grateful for our WxLive Family
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 51 Grateful for our WxLive Family

Day 51 of a Grateful today started as another hectic day. I walked downstairs to find my cat had completely ripped into one of the Silent Auction Gift baskets I had worked so hard on, my son left on the early bus and forgot his snack, and Ashlynn is requesting a hairstyle that can only be found on Pinterest haha. Ok Lisa, just breathe. AWW, my faorite part of the day..the moment I can do just that..Breathe, sip on coffee in between breathing, and REFOCUS.  As I look out the window, I see plenty of Sun Rays.. that makes my soul happy. As I recall, Jeremy had predicted this day to be the "pick of the week" and I start to think.. weeks ago, Tracy Gugel and I started planning this Meet and Greet to meet with our WxLive Family. We had considered doing something outside and possibly on a weekend when more people might be available, but here we are..the day has arrived and it is just magnificent! And now as we look further into the 7 day forecast, my husband reports possible snow for this weekend!! The snow does not bring me joy, but this beautiful day that I get to meet some of my WxLive peeps brings all the warm feels. 

When we moved to New York, we did not know anyone. We moved up here excited, but a little scared of what our new journey might bring. I know the internet can be used for good or bad, unfortunately our family has seen some of the ugliest. But today as I sit here and sip my coffee, in between breaths of gratefulness, I see the absolute BEAUTY of it. When we go on at 9:45 every night, it is seriously one of my favorite times of the day. I get to hang out with my hubby and people that have now become like family to us. WxLive has connected others, and it has also helped Jeremy and myself get back up in a time when it felt like our world was caving in on us. SO thank you to my WxLive Family. If this works into your evening schedule tonight, we would love to meet you and personally thank you for your suppport.

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