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Day 48 Grateful for Unpacking
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 48 Grateful for Unpacking

Day 48 of a Grateful I am grateful to unpack. I remember in previous years, I would dread coming home after a trip, it meant the plans you had been obsessing over were officially over, and time for reality to set back in. But today is different. As we loaded our kids and suitcases in the car yesterday to set home to New York, Jeremy looked at me and asked, "How are you doing?". Normally, I would be upset, crying like a baby, I am a Mamma's girl and a twin and have a really hard time leaving them, my family and friends. But we looked at each other and we were just both at PEACE. What a moment to embrace.

 The kids and I were planning on spending our Spring Break back home in Indiana, but we're pretty sure Jeremy would not be able to join us. Do you all ever feel " this really eeky, doesn't feel right feeling, like DO SOMETHING feeling?". Well every fiber of my being told me, I needed to get that man home to his family. From someone that has first hand witnessed this all unfold, I can only describe an absolute amazement at a man who has handled one of the most unfair situations, held my hand, and made the choice to get back up. In fact, quickly after meeting Jeremy, I learned he was one of the most passionate, DETERMINED, hard working, honorable men I had met, why would this instance be any different for him. He has done everything he can to move forward which has meant he has been NONSTOP. 

As his wife I knew we all desperately needed a little break, so like so many things out of my control, I give it to the One who is. Guess who got in the car with me Tuesday night and roadtripped all the way to the Hoosier State? My hubby. And today I am so very grateful for that. He, myself, and these kids have experienced the outpouring of love from those in Western New York and other areas of the country. When we made it home, it felt so good to see Jeremy's mom get to physically wrap her arms around her son and tell him how proud she was of him. We left with a peace in our hearts Easter evening. It was a day to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior, and also a day to celebrate our new life, our new purpose in Him. See you tonight at 9:45, WxLive Family. We've missed you! 

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