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Day 42 Grateful for Times of Discomfort
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 42 Grateful for Times of Discomfort

Day 42 of a Grateful Heart..I am grateful for times of discomfort. Lets be honest, I better be, haha.. When we had the opportunity to move to Western New York over a year ago, and leave our hometown surrounded by loved ones, we knew it was about to get real uncomfortable once again. Moving to a place not knowing anyone and my goodness ..THE WINTERS, quite frankly scared the living daylights out of me! Where I am from, we on average get about a foot of snow PER SEASON, not everyday from October on..haha. But we in faith, packed our belongings, bought all the winter gear, and looked at it as a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and rely solely on God.

Before moving to New York, I prayed for God to send me and to help me find a great purpose while there. Sometimes I feel like our God has quite the sense of humor. Although lately, our days have taken an unexpected turn, I have found myself abundant with purpose. I remember days after "the calamity", being reminded of the mission statement I had wrote for myself months prior, it reads, "I want to help and serve others when I can and be an encourager, lift others up. I also want to remind myself that the goal of this life is NOT COMFORT, but character development!". I laughed out loud as I read this to myself after what had just happened, "Well, God..check. Not Comfortable..check! Haha.". But isn't it times like that, that you hold onto the truth. You know God is going to get you through the darkest, deepest valleys. My mission statement goes on to read, "I want to live each day with a grateful heart and truly count my blessings every single day." Wow, it's like God knew my story or something. And He does. I am in awe as I read it  back to myself now. My silly little mission statement, that I wrote long ago, is playing out before my eyes. So I will blog on and be grateful EVERY SINGLE DAY. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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