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Day 41 Grateful for my Very First OFFICIAL Blog!
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 41 Grateful for my Very First OFFICIAL Blog!

Day 1 of my VERY FIRST BLOG! I  feel like a kid starting my VERY FIRST BLOG out this way, but that's how I feel, giddy like a child. See this is Day 41 of sharing something I am grateful for. Up until this point, I have been posting on facebook as a way to remind myself and hopefully others that each day you can wake up and be grateful for something, whether big or small. It doesn't matter what circumstance you may find yourself in. At a young age I loved to write. In fact I vividly remember writing a book called "The Day it Rained Hearts" and actually won "Young Authors Awards" in elementary school! I knew then of course, at that very moment, I would be a Best Selling Author one day..haha! As life went on, God had other plans..or maybe I did, but nonetheless here I am writing again, and it has brought me so much peace in a chaotic time for our family. After the unfortunate event, that turned our family's world upside down, my wonderful mother in law, Jackie Armstrong, suggested I start writing. It's funny in moments like that, I began to write and words flowed out of me like a waterfall. It's amazing how this traumatic event, brought me back to something I had forgotten I loved so much.

As I started to write, I was able to release emotions and process what we were going through. I didn't want to forget anything. I wanted to remember how in a terrifying moment in time, I felt the outpouring of love from a community I have never felt before, how the night we got the devastating news, my family held each other as tight as we could and cried ourselves to sleep. I want to remember that we have a God that wrapped His arms around us and told us everything was going to be okay. I am GRATEFUL for so many things, but the thing I am most grateful for is my Father in Heaven. I see Him more clearly than ever before. He is at work in my family's life and I am ready for the amazing journey that is before us. It is so peaceful to know, God already knows our story, He is the author and the best is yet to come, my friends! 


I dedicate my first official Blog to my Mom, the woman who has always believed in me. And my second grade teacher, Ms. Fowler. :)

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