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Day 36 Grateful to Never Give Up
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 36 Grateful to Never Give Up

Day 36 of a Grateful Heart..when life gets tough, get back up! I believe it is so important to find time to read, get inspired, and learn from it. My mom gifted me the most amazing book "Don't Give Up" by Kyle Idleman. Wow, does a mom know what you need when you need it? YES! 

A pilot from World War II talked about battle this way: "I wouldn't give you a nickel to go through that again, but I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars." That REALLY spoke to me. What Jeremy and I experienced was painful, forever scarred, but we're thankful for what we has required us to lean on God in a way that we might not have done otherwise. Its allowed us to see the sweet goodness in a beautiful community. Today I am grateful to be able to say, in confidence that life is uncertain and difficult, but we can overcome our circumstances!! This is the time for me to really believe what I've said for years, after all isn't that why it's called faith. Never Give Up! Dream Big. The best is yet to comeā¤ #BlessedAndBroken

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