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Jeremy Kappell

Reflecting on a CRAZY week and thankful for my many friends in media.

This past week has been an absolute whirlwind.  It all started with the lawsuit which was formally filed on Monday against Mayor Lovely Warren.  As I talked about in our press release concerning the lawsuit, this decision wasn't made quickly, almost a year in the making and we made every reasonable effort to avoid it, but at a certain point, you have to move forward.

After news of the lawsuit was out on Monday, from there I went on an interview spree with local, regional and even some national media outlets including the nationally syndicated podcast and radion show Rover's Morning Glory.

A big thanks to Rover and his crew for having me on again and for being so generous with their time. 

From there I ended up getting back in touch with my good friend, and legendary talkshow host Terry Meiners in my hometown in the Louisville, KY market.  It's always great catching up with the Voice of the Ville!

In addition, I was able to get our story back out on the airwaves locally in Rochester and a special thanks to our friends over at the Kimberly & Beck Show on 95.1 FM for really helping us do that.

I feel very blessed to have so many friends in media that have helped us get our story out ever since I was fired by the station and have been able to speak freely on the events of early January of last year.  This week has been a long time coming and has brought back many memories from this past year as recalled by my wife, Lisa, in this blog from a couple days ago.

With all that being said, the week is STILL not over as we will be releasing our much anticipated short film entitled RISING from CALAMITY this evening.  A HUGE thanks to Leaning Elm Films for making this possible. 

We hope you will join us as we continue to voice our truth and hopefully help others too as we move towards eventual resolution of The Calamity.

Lisa and I will back immediately following the premiere this evening with our next edition of WxLIVEat845.  See you then!

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