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Dear Mayor Lovely
Lisa Ray Kappell
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Dear Mayor Lovely

Last Fall, as I was driving along with Ashlynn, she asked, "Mommy, is Santa real?". I struggled for a moment, she was only 8 years old and I wanted to hang on to the magic of Santa a little longer. Reluctantly, I pulled the car over and gently told her he was not.  We were both disappointed, but I was happy she knew she could come to me and I would be honest with her. 

With the fantasy of Santa over in our household, how wonderful it is that Jesus is very much ALIVE. He has gotten us through a wearisome year, and I trust His faithfulness as we continue our battle. On Friday, my daughter asked if we could put our Christmas tree up. You can probably's up!  After the year we have experienced, I have never been so ready to celebrate..​​

This past weekend has been an uneasy one.  The Christmas tree brings me peace tonight, but I know what the weeks ahead bring. The Mayor of Rochester, Lovely Warren, has left our family no choice but to take legal action.  

It saddens me that "the leader" of Rochester, would carelessly take a stand for something without investigating further before crushing a man's career, livelihood, and reputation. Thousands of people spoke and were infuriated with her decision.  She continued to double down. Jeremy wanted to meet with her, but she only would agree if he came alone without representation. After a 4 hour long deposition with her attorneys, my husband poured his heart out. To no avail, she dug her heels in even further.  

A friend of mine best describes it. "I think you can characterize Mayor Warren's public remarks about Jeremy as way out of proportion to the honest mistake in question, and outrageously blatant political grandstanding with no regard to the very real human cost inflicted upon the Kappell family."

With Christmas nearing, I would like to give the Mayor my Christmas Wish List.  Amy Grant's "My Grown Up Christmas List" tells it best...

Dear Mayor Lovely,

"Here's my lifelong wish, not for myself but for a world in need. No more lives torn apart, wars would never start, and right would always win, and love would never end, everyone would have a friend, and time would heal all hearts". Your reprehensible words not only affected a man, but his family. We are still healing from this and the scars will remain, but we are here to stay in Rochester. We love it here, we adore the people, and it has become home to us. The support and encouragement has been like nothing we have ever experienced before. My family has been through hell, but we have become unbelieveably strong.. stronger in faith, family, community, and love. You may have taken my husband's career but you can NEVER take that! 

Sincere Regards, Lisa Ray


Photo Courtesy Danielle Snow Photography

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