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Day 29 Grateful For Jeremy's Story
Lisa Ray Kappell
/ Categories: Family and Faith

Day 29 Grateful For Jeremy's Story

Day 29 of a Grateful Heart...45 years ago, this event would forever shape my husband's life. In fact, please take the time to watch this short's a compelling will see it's a miracle that him and his family are here today! A year before Jeremy was born, the Super Tornado Outbreak of '74 took place. In this video, Jeremy's mom says they were just about 30 seconds from being swept away from a F-5 tornado..they barely survived, their home did not. It was this event that Jeremy's passion about meteorology would come alive, and later he would pursue it, and help others stay safe from dangerous weather.. So today, I am grateful for a man that took a tragedy his family experienced before he was born and turned it into a dream. When he lost his job after 20 years in broadcast meteorology because he mumbled two words together, it felt like a tragedy, but just like this video captures, our family realized what is important during unjust times ..Faith, family, and dreaming BIG! God is a BIG God, dream the BIG dreams!!

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