Hi, I am

Jeremy Kappell

Meteorologist, Communicator and Advocate for Christ

Hi, I am

Jeremy Kappell

Meteorologist, Communicator and Advocate for Christ


A week after "the calamity" that derailed my career, on January 15th 2019, my wife and I decided I should get back to doing what I love, THE WEATHER... and just like that, BOOM, #WxLIVEat945 came alive! 

In the heart of what we do, you'll find passion for weather, faith and community as #AKALisaRay and myself LIVE stream the program across multiple social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.  In addition to daily radar and forecast updates for Rochester and Western New York, you'll get to experience weather and family entertainment all at the same time... #Weathertainment!  Come on over and join the fun!!

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Kappell Weather Blog

Tornado Outbreak Imminent for Plains. Read more

Tornado Outbreak Imminent for Plains.

Monday could turn out to be a real bad day for parts of Texas and Oklahoma with a signficant severe weather episode expected and violent tornadoes possible.  What makes this set up so bad...


Lisa Ray's Blog

Day 51 Grateful for our WxLive Family Read more

Day 51 Grateful for our WxLive Family

Day 51 of a Grateful Heart...so today started as another hectic day. I walked downstairs to find my cat had completely ripped into one of the Silent Auction Gift baskets I had worked so hard on, my son left on the early bus and forgot his snack, and Ashlynn is requesting a hairsyle that can only be found on Pinterest haha...

Day 48 Grateful for Unpacking Read more

Day 48 Grateful for Unpacking

Day 48 of a Grateful Heart..today I am grateful to unpack. I remember in previous years, I would dread coming home after a trip, it meant the plans you had been obsessing over were officially over, and time for reality to set back in. But today is different...


Rochester's 7 Day Forecast

Here's your Memorial Weekend Forecast. Outside of some locally strong t-storms late tomorrow, we couldn't ask for better weather as we honor our fallen heroes. For those who have bravely served for this country, thank you! 

There will be a risk of severe weather late afternoon and evening on Saturday as a potent storm systems swings through the Great Lakes.  Damaging winds and hail will be the main threats.  

A few showers could linger into early on Sunday, otherwise improving through the remainder of the weekend with temps in the 70's Sunday and on Memorial Day.  Enjoy.

Our weather get's busy again starting Monday night/Tuesday with another round of rain/storms.  Strong storms possible again midweek. 


We are truly blessed by our many friends and our family that support us in our journey!