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Jeremy Kappell Jeremy Kappell

Jeremy Kappell

Meteorologist, Communicator, and Advocate for Christ

Jeremy and Lisa Ray Jeremy and Lisa Ray

Jeremy and Lisa Ray

Meteorologist, Communicator, and Advocates for Christ


A busy week of local, regional and even NATIONAL media interviews following filing of lawsuit against Mayor Lovely Warren...


A week after "the calamity" that derailed my nearly 20 year career in television meteorology, on January 15th 2019, my wife and I decided I should get back to doing what I love, THE WEATHER... and just like that, BOOM, #WxLIVE came alive!

I'm so thrilled to be able to continue to share my love for weather with so many great Rochesterians and Western New Yorkers... and the best part is that I get to do it with my truely lovely bride of 17 years by my side. 

In the heart of what we do, you'll find passion for weather, faith and community as #AKALisaRay and myself LIVE stream the program across multiple social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube. In addition to daily radar and forecast updates for Rochester and Western New York, you'll get to experience weather and family entertainment all at the same time... #Weathertainment!

Come on over and join the fun!!

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Jeremy and Lisa Rae Kappell
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Kappell Weather Blog

Messy Weekend Storm on the Way. Read more

Messy Weekend Storm on the Way.

A slow moving and large upper level storm system looks to pay us a visit over the weekend with a nasty mixture of rain and snow.  Detailing who could see a half foot or more in the blog...

High Wind Warning Posted for Early Sunday Read more

High Wind Warning Posted for Early Sunday

The National Weather Service has issued High Wind Warnings across portions of Western New York including the cities of Buffalo and Rochester.  When to expect the possibility of downed trees and power outages...

Flash Flood Watch Issued Read more

Flash Flood Watch Issued

The combination of heavy rainfall and a rapid snow melt has prompted the National Weather Service in Buffalo to issue a Flood Watch for portions of Western New York this weekend.  Timiing and how much rain to expect... 


Lisa Ray's Blog!



I LOVE this time of year, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I love everything about crisp days, cozy sweaters, falling leaves,  and EVERYTHING pumpkin..candles, pie, all the drinks, and babies...

Celebrations and Depression, Oh the Irony Read more

Celebrations and Depression, Oh the Irony

What can I say? I shamefully haven't written a blog in months, MONTHS!  It makes me sad to think I haven't picked up a pen, pencil, typed hardly a grateful word on my laptop in weeks. Let me tell you, it has been a rough few months, some of my darkest..


Rochester's 7 Day Forecast


Milder air continues to gradually invade Western New York and much of the Northeast as we head into the weekend.  However, there will still be a chill in the air with overnight temps in the lower 20's.

Clouds increase on Friday ahead of our next storm system due to arrive over the course of the weekend with continued melty afternoon highs in the lower 40's.

A very slow moving and large upper level storm system looks to pay us a visit over the weekend with a good bet for a wintry mix of rain and snow.  The latest thinking brings this system in as primarily a rain maker through the day on Saturday with a bit of snow mixing in at times especially up in the higher elevations south of Rochester.  

With mild surface temperatures in the mid to even upper 30's on Saturday, accumulation potential, if any, will be very limited.  However, as upper level temps drop on Sunday, it looks like we'll see that change over to area wide snow showers and squalls.  Some of them could be quite heavy by late in the day as we head into Sunday night.  This will be the best opportunity for Rochester to pick up a few inches of snow. 

Dialing in those snow pojections PLUS "Focusing on February" and the likely return of the cold in the, "Beyond the 7 Day" in tonight's Big Show.. #WxLIVE at 845.  See you then!

Stay tuned.


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